Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C25. Best Use of Technology

The Campaign “Magic Wonderland” at Chengdu IFS presents the most magical and most crystallized moment in 2019 New Year Eve. The first and ever shopping mall in China integrated the latest cutting-edge 3D holographic visual technology makes the magical moment floating in mid-air.

In merging of advance 3D Hologram Technology into an Artistic Diamond Dome Structure Design creating an extraordinary visual experience and unique & romantic atmosphere under a starry night to share the joy in 2019. Establishing a brand-new perspective in creativity and visibility of artistic design into a new 3D hologram technology era.

One of the most meaningful features is the modern artistic dome structure built above an Ancient Chinese Historic Site in result a well presentation of the transition from the old to the new and it delivers an amazing and immersive 3D visual that floats in mid-air with holographic effect to human eyes