Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C25. Best Use of Technology

AR is one of Taiwan users’ most anticipated 5G applications. Our objectives are to enhance Verizon Media AR leadership and to increase marketer’s investment in our AR solution. We decided to build The First XR Live Show in Taiwan. The challenge was that Live XR demo contains huge risks.

The 5 main pillar technologies of the show were: ”Virtual Character”, “Motion Capture”, “Facial Capture”, “AR”, and “XR Live”. Our biggest breakthrough was combining real human, AR and Xsens motion capture all in a live interactive performance. Furthermore, we included the guests as part of the show. The attendees’ wristbands lit up according to the plot and became weapons to slay the virtual dragon, which blurred the line between virtual and reality.

“Verizon Media showed the possibility of AR development in the future.” The Chief Digital Officer of Dentsu Aegis Network praised our show.