Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C24. Best Use of Influencer

The biggest target market, Indonesia’s younger generation, lacked financial literacy and had no interest to learn about it yet. They also inherited a deeply ingrained inferiority complex, thanks to 3.5 centuries of colonization by other countries, making them skeptical to the idea that Indonesians are just as capable to reach global success as people from other countries. OCBC NISP wanted to be the one to inspire and motivate them so they could reach their dreams.
In 2019, we launched a new digital bundling product called Nyala (spark/flame/light), to improve their financial habit and grow their assets while still enjoying life. Aligning the customer insights and the Nyala product roles, we formulated the campaign #NyalakanIndonesia. The Big Idea for the campaign was: “Any Indonesian can be a world-class star.” We aimed to inspire through living examples – the influential people who had raised Indonesia’s reputation in the eyes of the world.