Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C23. Best Trade Show/Exhibition/Conference

With low Internet penetration in Indonesia, Google faced challenges in raising awareness and understanding of its product offerings and their ability to drive business objectives. As a result, many businesses rely on traditional media instead of tapping on the power of digital marketing. To combat this, our strategy was to create an experience that showcased Google’s full spectrum of offerings and let attendees experience the magic of Google’s products first-hand in an interactive and memorable way. The solution was Taman Ria Google, a carnival park-style experience that brought to life Google’s brand characteristics and values – fun, creativity and exploration. For marketers and analysts, we specifically crafted in-depth learning tracks to provide informational value that matched their level of expertise. Taman Ria was a huge success, receiving highly positive feedback from attendees. Post-event survey results showed increased interest and intention to incorporate Google’s products into campaign strategy.