Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C22. Best Sustainability Award

Too often do we find ourselves trapped in a feel-good CSR activity, thinking we will make a difference. In the context of a Regional Customer Meeting, the CSR component that is traditionally part of the design, went from being one element to defining it entirely.
Hatching Hope is the collaboration of two specialists in nutrition and farming with one of the most recognized NGO worldwide, with a bold goal of helping 100 million families of farmers thrive by 2030.
Cargill & Heifer created Hatching Hope, a program that shows how by seeding support, we foster engagement and the whole community benefits.
The program combined education, onsite building of chicken coops and financial support through a fundraising dinner in Siem Reap.
The lasting result is a deep understanding, a fruitful partnership and the passing on the gift principle – benefiting entire communities for generations to come.