Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C20. Best Sponsorship

Hong Kong experienced a momentous year that affected all parts of society. Many key local and summer events were canceled. Amidst this historic movement, FWD brought a breath of fresh optimistic air to the city by being the title sponsor of ‘The World of Studio Ghibli’s Animation exhibition’, leveraging the positivity from the Studio Ghibli Classics echo the positive brand voice of the brand. With the aim of developing new audience bases, strengthening connections with family, and engaging the masses by recalling their favorite memories in interactive ways. It was not only important for FWD to avoid controversy, but to build brand awareness and make a positive impact to the brand and the society in this partnership with Studio Ghibli. Although Tsim Sha Tsui is a often-violent protest area, FWD did not hold off on sponsorship. Yet, FWD endeavored to inject positivity and happiness to Hongkongers’ daily lives with its partnership with Studio Ghibli.