Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C19. Best Retail / Mall Event

Amid record launches of competitor malls and seasonal threats from Double 11 e-shopping festival, Chengdu IFS (CDIFS) must defend market share and expand relevance to young middle-class while boosting sales. Innovative strategy: 1) Building Destination for mall and city; 2) Growing young targets by magnifying reputation as Fashion & Culturetainment hub; 3) Consolidating loyalty by increasing visits and stay-time.

CDIFS achieved these objectives in a stroke through the wow launch of audio-light forest installation “Hexatron” – the centerpiece to a series of events varied for optimum engagement of differing targets: fashion brand showcase, news source for media and backdrop for celebrity and fashion professional red-carpet happenings.

Resulting in exceptional business merits exceeding expectations: 1,459 media reports bringing 1.9 million mentions of the event, total visits grew by 113% to 6.83 million visitors with 116% sales growth to USD166 million, 110% growth in social fans, and 120% growth in VIP spenders.