Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C18. Best Public Event

Since winning the original pitch in 2016 to transform the original Hennessy Academy platform into an interactive exhibition to unlock the secrets of Hennessy, the Declassified project has evolved and improved every step of the way. It has become a highlight brand touchpoint for mass public engagement and so innovative and immersive the format as an educational tool, that it is to be applied to other Asian markets.

The Shanghai stage in 2018 involved significant upgrading of the concept, including increased brand interaction, storytelling content and a diversified expression of the event that would help to present Hennessy as a very cool brand among a very specific profile of young and demanding consumers. For Hangzhou, the upgrading continues with new product experiences and engagements. In fact, so finely tuned an activation and so vastly experienced a team, it is an event for which KPIs can barely keep up with results.