Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C16. Best Production

On this our first time working with Polestar, we discovered it to be unique in the industry: a brand that is resiliently minimalist and a design-led client who is visionary in
what they want. They approached us because of our premium reputation and had extremely high expectations from the beginning. We were determined to give the Polestar 2 its big statement moment in what we intended would become an industry benchmark.

The client’s concept of ‘powerful minimalism’ was to be brought to life, with all that entails – seamless integration, flawless finish and ‘less is more’ principle. We embraced this throughout, combining it with sustainability where possible to limit unnecessary construction. This was an event of great precision and extreme attention to detail, necessary for the premium Polestar experience.

So successful was the Polestar 2 launch for client that several months later we were invited to deliver a second key engagement.