Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C13. Best Live Event

From the beginning, our G-Star Raw Client was clear that their 30 years celebration could only happen through an energetic live ‘never been done before’ event, and so, inspired by the brand values, we set out to shake up the traditional fashion show formats with deep-dive immersion to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Strong story-telling was key in the Futurecraft concept, manifested by the ‘Raw Craft’, a giant denim monolith, half whale, half spaceship. From its unloading bay, guests experienced forbidden combinations, then progressing to the launch pad, where a dynamic audio-visual show saw them off on their journey.

Delivering on such a creatively ambitious concept was by no means simple. Through multiple venue cancellations, directional challenges and complex international talent sourcing, all involved remained passionately determined to make a benchmark event for show direction, choreography, lighting, set design and production. The result was an epic Live Event.