Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C13. Best Live Event

Adidas Sports Base 2019 returns to Hong Kong for another action-packed summer, calling all ‘Creators’ to unleash their creativity and redefine the meaning of modern sports culture. This one-month-long breath-taking event is fully designed, produced and managed by us. Over 10 thousand creators registered and joined in the event at this hot summer.
For 2019 we proposed a complete transformation of Sports Base from a sports event into a lifestyle hub that represented the diversity of the adidas brand. We enriched the experience to embrace a diverse range of “”Creators””, offering a packed schedule full of happenings.
With the support of our clients, partners, suppliers, and months of long nights, we delivered an impactful event which allowed participants immersing into a total new digital experience, emotionally connected with new and repeat visitors through tailored social events /parties, and most importantly successfully created anticipation for the next adidas Sports Base Event.