Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C12. Best Launch

With MG’s 70th anniversary and the launch of the MG ZS coming up in 2019, Chinese auto giant SAIC wanted to create a spectacle that would cause the world to cast its eyes on its brand and products.

Oct 17, ‘MG Live!’ was held at Jiangning Sports Centre Stadium in Nanjing. Nearly 5,000 guests witnessed the brand festival and the official launch of the MG ZS. To keep in line with the “Always Young” concept, we opted to make interactive gaming and music key elements of the event. As a prelude, we held an all-embracing carnival party in form of the ‘MG Live! Trunk Party’ with 35 media outlets decking out the trunks of nearly 40 MG ZSs. In the evening, the MG ZS was launched in a dynamic show full of car theatrics, including stunt driving, choreography and dramatic jumps within a concert night with several music acts.