Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C08. Best Experiential Marketing

To salute the 180th anniversary of Tiffany & Co., this legendary Jewelry family has cooperated with Natalie Crinière, Agence NC and Activation Event Shanghai to present the Vision & Virtuosity Exhibition at Fosun Foundation in Shanghai, in 2019. The exhibition was consisted of six chapters, which were the Blue Is the Color of Dreams, The World of Tiffany, The Tiffany Blue Book, Tiffany Love, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Diamonds: Miracles of Nature, have showed the historical stories, brilliant design, and astonished technology of Tiffany & Co. More than three hundred works created a romantic, sweet, and dream world by combining multiple elements, included the well-known yellow diamond, blood diamond, Montana sapphire, moonstone, broches, different versions of Tiffany Blue boxes, realistic scene of Fifth Avenue, and even the handwritten notes of Audrey Hepburn, which have attracted around one thousand hundred people to visit during the exhibition.