Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C07. Best Digital Experience

AR is one of Taiwan users’ most anticipated 5G applications. Our objectives are to enhance Verizon Media AR leadership and to increase marketer’s investment in our AR solution. The challenge was “How to use AR to impact and influence marketers?”

We built the first interactive AR experience event in Taiwan: The 2019 Verizon Media Summit. In which 700 marketers participated to experience the creative use of XR. With the “Saving Leopard Cat” AR Game, we showed that AR can affect people’s behavior and acknowledgment. Through the XR Live Show, we provided an immersive experience for marketers to rethink how AR can be applied to content production.

This event blurred the line between reality and the virtual world. It’s a huge triumphant that we convinced our clients that Verizon Media is the pioneer in AR technology. “A sensational AR interactive performance.” a CMO from L’Oreal commented.