Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C04. Best Business Solution

Volkswagen’s goal for 2019 was to change the conversation and to amplify brand love by providing exclusive brand activities to existing and potential customers in Korea. With the launch of the new Arteon, Volkswagen set out for a new beginning with the slogan “Beauty in Every Sense”. We conceptualized a road tour of Arteon, bringing the car to people in various environments that stimulate positive emotions along with a series of surprising pop-ups, brand collaborations, and diverse activities.

We planned and executed the road tour with the driving experience in Jeju, Busan, Incheon and Gangwon in different seasons. We had Volkswagen collaborate with the Rainbow Music and Camping Festival, creating the “Arteon Mirror Garden” during the festival. Lastly, to resonate with target consumers who value art, we collaborated with the gallery Piknic in Seoul. The connection provided the perfect opportunity to emphasize the association between the brand and art.