Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C21. Best Production

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the epitome of elegant design, superior technology, unrivalled craftsmanship and an all-round superlative experience. They wanted a car launch event which felt personalised, engaging and exclusive. They chose an event tent at the foot of KLCC Twin Towers – the ‘pinnacle’ of Malaysia, a majestic international icon – and created a 7-star experience in an empty tent: THE PINNACLE OF LUXURY. They crafted a launch experience revolving around the five human senses to meet the highest expectations of their discerning clientele. They engaged a perfumer to recreate scents which invoke the memory of entering an opulent hotel. Guests were ‘wrapped’ in a 270-degree screen displaying the city skyline and the Northern Lights. They enlisted a sound engineer to oversee that the acoustics of a 24-piece orchestra were pitch perfect despite being in a curved tent. A hallway of nostalgia with six classic Mercedes-Benz enabled guests to touch and feel the cars. They served a different menu every day – each day’s menu celebrated the diversity of the four cars being launched. They delivered six launch sessions in four consecutive days whilst maintaining the luxurious quality of the brand experience.