Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C20. Best Game Changer

The gaming landscape has been facing a challenging time recently since the Chinese ministry proposed these stricter policies and regulations on the industry. To appeal to a larger cause and nation, DNF culture need to be bigger than just a mere game. Invoking Chinese pride and passion for their culture, the agency creatively integrated traditional craft, music, art and influences woven with the DNF gaming world. Masters of craft and star students from fine art academies to collaborate, creating unique works of art. From traditional shadow puppets, papercutting techniques, soothing sounds of symphony played on traditional instruments and bells were showcased. The carnival was literally a game changer, changing the way audiences perceive and interact with E-sports. Despite overachieving the task to impress only 1,000 live audience, their success came in big numbers. 1.6 Billion media impression were created, 54.5 million page views of live broadcast hit a 97% YOY increase. And later, 18.61 million replays were generated. On social platform, the campaign trended hugely with 515 million interaction (53.8Mil on WeChat alone.)