This journey narrates how Kecap ABC, a challenger soy-sauce brand in Indonesia, in the face of Unilever’s behemoth Bango grew exponentially in 2018 by challenging gender roles that pinnacled in a record-breaking-breaking event where 1000+ husbands cooked for their wives. Kecap ABC set itself on a mission to redefine gender roles in Indonesia, starting from the kitchen. The process gave birth to the Campaign Idea: REAL HUSBANDS COOK A journey to get Indonesian husbands to start cooking. The effort resulted in a 4% versus last year, double that of the target. The brand saw a continuous growth for the last 5 months of the 2018, during the period of the campaign. Sales grew by 9%. Chart above. Brand equity grew by a record breaking 360 basis points while Bango declined by 590 bps with an undisputed ownership over the attribute of ‘wins you appreciation for cooking from your family’. The event got 1057 husbands learnt to cook and fed their wives on Mother’s Day creating a MURI record.