Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C18. Best Sponsorship

For two years in a row, FWD challenged itself to continue as the title sponsor for the world’s coolest marathon – the North Pole Marathon in 2018. They aimed not only to share the wider company vision of being “daring and different”, but also to encourage people to embrace more possibilities in life without hesitation, as life is full of adventures.

In spite of the extreme weather conditions and unique geographic location of the marathon, they nonetheless struggled to attract public attention. In addition to the limited exposure that sporting events get from the media, media organisations in general did not find the race newsworthy in the past five years. Moreover, with more than 20 marathons happening in Hong Kong, alongside those sponsored by other significant financial brands, it was definitely a challenge for us to imperatively make the North Pole Marathon relevant to the local community. Yet, they believe that their vision of “A Lifetime of Possibilities” truly embodies the hope of encouraging everyone to be persistent in reaching for their dreams, no matter how challenging they may be.