Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C18. Best Sponsorship

In December 2019 the Hong Kong Government’s open tender for the operation of the Hong Kong Observation Wheel and its associated site was won by a submission made by The Entertainment Corporation Limited, supported significantly by a bold and ambitious three year sponsorship deal with AIA Group. The core strategy was a community inclusive approach, supported by ticket price reduction from $100 down to $20 which was subsidized by AIA’s commercial support. The public relations strategy was an open, honest conversational approach building on the professionalism, integrity, and long-term commitment of AIA and TECL to Hong Kong and the lives of Hong Kong people. The venue was to provide the sponsor with a platform to activate its brand promise of encouraging people to live “Healthier Longer Better Lives”, through activities and engagement way beyond its business of insurance product and services. It was also intended and visualized as an opportunity for AIA to contribute to the relevance and beautification of an iconic Hong Kong landmark and improve the lifestyles of people throughout the community.