Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C16. Best Brand Experience – B2C

The High Jewellery Collection, Les Mondes de Chaumet, is built around three precious moments and the four seasons, uniting the virtuosity of the Maison with the dreams of far-away horizons. This event brought together for the first time those three beautiful moments to tell the story of the World of Wanderers in the form of a captivating journey Chaumet’s special guests in a journey through different cultures, countries and seasons. After traveling through the cold winter in Russia, warm spring in Japan and hot summer in Africa exploring three engaging showcases, the guests gathered in Paris, at the Place Vendôme, the birthplace of Chaumet. The Place Vendôme was transformed into a poetic autumnal canvas. Nature and delicate foliage beautifully blended with the Haussmann architecture. The experience was made memorable thanks to the stunning visual & light effects and performances, with cultural elements from all over the world. 12 beautiful models wearing the collections’ jewels and walking along the circular stage and across the arches created a mystical atmosphere and brought to life the Place Vendôme. To follow, a harmonious dance performance took center stage symbolizing the four seasons blending together, and finally, to conclude the party, the upbeat DJ performance.