Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C16. Best Brand Experience – B2C


CHENGDU IFS (CDIFS) is the trendy landmark in western China. Yet, luxury malls doubled in Chengdu that blurred its leadership. Survey reveals Chengdu affluent are younger and culturally conscious but CDIFS’ customer base was more mature.

To frog-leap from competitors and create a high ground of ownership, CDIFS enlarged leadership with art marketing and transformed into a cultural destination:

1) brought Sichuan artists to Parcours Saint-Germain art festival in Paris and debuted Chengdu Parcours Art Festival in Chengdu.

2) co-hosted International Style Conference with T Magazine (China Edition) Paris and invited celebrities & the public to exercise their creativity to co-curate the biggest graffiti art wall in Chengdu, as well as introduced cross-over merchandise with top international fashion brands

3) opened new sales channel with social commerce to feature CDIFS tailor-made a series of limited edition merchandize for particularly Parcours Art Festival


Reported by near 1,700 media which earned 650+ millions of views, boosted traffic growth of 117% and sales growth 124% which is 4 times of the market average, and $112 million during the 6 weeks of art show. Marketing ROI (excluding sponsorship) on sales was near 100 times!