Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C15. Best Brand Experience - B2B

In August 2018, Mercedes-Benz was about to launch four new luxury S-Class models in the midst of low consumer sentiment amongst Malaysians. Although S-Class customers are high nett worth individuals, they may not necessarily be “cushioned” from economic uncertainties. Mercedes-Benz needed guaranteed sales. They needed customers to be willing to indulge in new luxury vehicles during a climate of cautious and selective spending. They needed to disrupt the conventional automotive path to purchase. Mercedes-Benz needed to be in the driver’s seat and take on the role of the car salesperson. First, they ignited “positive friction” by bringing together the top twenty Mercedes-Benz dealers to one focal point to pit them against each other where every car sold was recorded “live” on an internal scoreboard. Second, they reimagined the conventional sales approach with an “experience-sell” platform where top dealers and their key clients experienced the launch event as “equals”. Third, they created a 7-star launch experience revolving around the five human senses to meet the highest expectations of their discerning clientele: THE PINNACLE OF LUXURY.