Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C14. Best Outdoor Event

MG, the traditional brand of ‘Morris Garages’, was to celebrate its fifth product launch since having revived the brand in 2006. The MG HS was to be a true breakthrough for the company targeting a rejuvenated, hip target audience. They suggested a two-prong launch to deliver on MG’s request for a positioning change: 2 phases should address different stakeholders and target groups. On August 8, the MG HS they created a preview event at one of the currently hottest landmarks in Shanghai, Columbia Circle, attracting fashionistas and internet celebrities causing high social media buzz before the launch.
On September 16 then, the global launch of the MG HS took place in Chongqing. With a supercharged public happening they ignited the city’s hottest landmark – Liberation Square. Taking the “HS Factor(y)” to town, they built up a large, artistic and industrial installation using strong visual elements. In an unconventional on- and offline event, the HS was taking over the streets of Chongqing with installations, artistic displays and performances for this exciting launch of MG witnessed by around 100,000 people onsite while being broadcasted live to around 30 Mio. viewers around the country.