Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C13. Best Business Solution

Their Ecolab client, came to us in 2016 as they were considering gathering their sales force in the region for the first time. That year, they created for them the 1st Institutional Sales Meeting (ISM) in Asia Pacific (Phuket). The ROI and impact was so high that it became the benchmark for all other regions.
In 2017, ISM China was created.
In 2018, ISM South America was created.
All these events are handled by their teams around the world.
Why are they showcasing it this as Best Business Solution?
1. They brought in an event solution for this client and the MICE effect was outstanding
2. They set the trend from Asia. It is becoming a reality and a massive pride element for their team in Asia.
3. As they got to know their client and its industry, they improved the program and made it locally relevant.
Bringing in new ideas of set up, program elements, engagement and business solutions is an ongoing challenge they are happy to take on every day.
In a world where video conferences and live streaming are trying to take over, they have proven that bringing people together face to face could do wonders.