Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C13. Best Business Solution

In Taiwan, most of the time when media agents arrange their media planning, their option is either Google or Facebook; but they rarely think of Oath. Oath Taiwan provides the most diversified marketing solutions. However, too many solutions led the confusion on how media agencies could collaborate with them.

How to let media agents include Oath Premium Solution in their media planning options becomes the most important mission of the campaign.

Their target audience is the planners and buyers in media agencies. Their biggest worry is how to arrange the media planning to make clients happy, and they often suffer from not being able to come up with new tricks!

No new tricks for the media planning? Oath becomes their daily cup of coffee. To wake their brains, and stimulate their media planning.

Oath opened premium pop-up coffee shops at top five media agency offices for 9 days. Five different coffees represent five different Oath premium solutions. Their clients not only drink a cup of coffee but also recognize Oath’s unique selling points.