Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C12. Best Sustainability Award

Grand Hyatt Singapore is one of the city’s leading hotels with regard to innovation and sustainability. Throughout its 47-year history, the hotel has evolved along with the country and has always prioritized people, communities and the environment. Most recently, the hotel has gained significant media coverage for implementing the world’s first food waste management system which converts all of the hotel’s leftover food into fertilizer for its landscaped gardens. Additionally, the hotel has been highly engaged in food sustainability efforts.
Most recently, Grand Hyatt Singapore launched three food truck activations with the objective of creating awareness about plant-based dining, its health benefits and its positive impact on the environment. The hotel was the first to introduce famous products such as Beyond Burger, Just Egg and Omnipork to Southeast Asia – products that are made of vegetable proteins but taste and look like a beef patty, egg or pork accordingly. The November 2018 Robb Report also declared in its “Dining with Conscience” write-up that mezza9 – Grand Hyatt Singapore’s flagship restaurant – is the most sustainable restaurant in Singapore.