Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C12. Best Sustainability Award

With the continuous negative impact on the environment, JCDecaux Transport is committed to sustainable development within the company internally and to the society externally. They have been committed to conserving natural resources, promoting environmental stewardship, and implementing sustainable business practices. They have established several measures with which they can preserve their natural resources and seek to prevent pollution. From their efforts to reduce their environmental impacts, their various pro-active policies have evolved into a comprehensive approach to sustainable development. They have made sustainable development a central tenet of the Group’s strategy, making JCDecaux a friendly and caring company.

JCDecaux Transport will comply with the policy statement by implementing principles to the extent that these actions improve the social, economic and environmental commitments of the company.
The company will ensure that all employees are made aware of the company’s environmental policy and practice. All staff will be encouraged to participate in the implementation and ongoing development of policy and procedures.