Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C12. Best Sustainability Award

TEDxSydney, the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity and innovation, was seeking a partner to design and produce its flagship event.

INVNT managed speaker logistics, content and rehearsals for all sessions within the theatre program, and sourced all equipment. They created the floor plan within the Hub, curated partners for the tribe activations therein, and produced their activations.

They devised an educational F&B offering for the event and wrap party, and managed the entire wrap party.

INVNT explored ways to weave sustainable practices throughout the event, from creating a sustainability and environment tribe, to selecting the ICC, which champions sustainability, as the host venue.

Given that TEDxSydney is a social enterprise, they had a small budget to work with, and so liaised with companies who produce large events – who lent props and equipment, partnered with local companies who advocate for sustainability on a contra basis, and re-used materials from previous years.

The event was the biggest yet, with 5,250+ people registering, and just under 5,000 attendees checking in on the day. It saw a net promoter score of 65, up from 52 in 2017, attendees rated the technical production 9.16/10, and social engagement was incredibly high.