Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C11. Best Digital Experience

Shiseido has a solid reputation in the cosmetics market, however in serum categories, awareness of Ultimune, one of their tentpole products, is relatively low compared to other key market leaders. Ultimune serum ranked is no. 4 in the market and has until now unable to make a breakthrough. Ultimune was launched four years ago, yet the iconic product status and skin immunity concept still hasn’t managed to be front-of-mind with consumers. That was all about to change. Set in the central location of the Maritime Museum and capitalising on the Ultimune 2.0 launch, they aimed to showcase Ultimune’s innovation with a unique proposition and extraordinary digital and immersive customer experience, cementing its position as Shiseido’s iconic product and elicit customer intrigue and emotional affinity, create talk of town experience and promote trial. The result was a huge increase in sales, consumer retention and development and brand recognition.