Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C11. Best Digital Experience

Tencent UP is an iconic industry event for China Internet Entertainment industry, and often sets the pace of development forwards, simply because all key stakeholders of the industry attend the event (Consumer, Business and Government). To bring to life this year’s grand message of ‘Neo-Culture Creativity’ the live event included many globally renowned ‘Champions of Culture’ and the stage was strategically designed for re-broadcasting as cultural movement needs to be passed along. To spark imagination, stories are developed like theater and cinematic experience of animation that enable individuals to immerse into the subjects. Insights, Ideas and AI topics went beyond subject of a speech or charts. Collectively the media value achieved exceeded RMB180+ million, reached 123.1 million live broadcast views, 2.1 Billion total media impression out of an event for an exclusive live audience of 2,000+ individuals. Other significant metrics of success included 700% increase in keyword search for ‘Neo-Culture Creativity’ and over 280 articles published outside of China on this subject, which have a reach of 15+ Million readers on top of what they achieved in China.