Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C10. Best Use of Social Media

Shell retail mission is to “ignite sparks of happiness in Hong Kong”. In 2018Q1, they introduced Shell Bonus Point to reward their customers for every dollar they spend at Shell. To generate customer engagement and communicate their CVP, they hosted the event , which was inspired by a nostalgic TV game show in the past where contestants were given 60 seconds to go in a supermarket to grab as many items as possible. This game not only resonated deeply with their targeted audience, it also helped to echo Shell’s mission to ignite sparks of happiness for their customer. For pre-event recruitment and CVP communication, they leveraged on Facebook to launch a video mimicking the world-famous Thai advertisement, which was a huge viral effect and attracted 2.4 Millions views, with a brand recall of 25%. As the contestants also stand a chance to Win a Tonne of Petrol (their premium fuel, Shell V-Power), it helped the fuels sales to increase by 16% during the campaign period.