Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C09. Best Use of Technology

Mitsubishi Electric’s Space Division develops space technology such as satellites and large telescopes, and unlike their consumer electronics business, it is not widely recognized. To tackle this, an interactive event was planned for families during the summer break. They equipped a tablet with an “Intelligent Location System” as well as features to perform as a dedicated device to control the giant display, transforming the 64 screen multi display system into an immersive “Satellite Control Room”. Guided by a robot from the future, kids used the tablets to protect the peace of their planet by taking on missions which are part of the actual development process. After interactively operating the satellite, visitors received a surprise gift: extras issued with their names and headline announcing their successful launch. The site attracted more than 100,000 people over the 2-month summer break period, as a chance for one to become heroes in space.