Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C09. Best Use of Technology

2018 had been uniquely challenging with the Chinese gaming landscape becoming increasingly competitive and the eGamers had been exposed to a rich variety of live events big and small. The 10th anniversary of the game is not only a perfect moment to connect with the gaming community stronger, but it is also one to reconnect with all DNF fans from the past. The agency designed a campaign to ‘Pay Tribute to Passion’ and brought their most beloved chracters from in-game to real life. One of the most exciting moment was when Seria Kirmin (a game NPC) took stage as a mixed live motion capture holographic character on stage engaging fans and later did a DJ battle (with a professional DJ). The sensational celebration fused technology application with powerful creative ideas seamlessly. The gamble paid off with this campaign more than double (162% increase) total media impression, harvesting 280 million social platform interaction and successfully taken the content beyond live event with 33.45 million live broadcast page view (23% increase YOY).