Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C09. Best Use of Technology

Volkswagen was approaching a major milestone in China with the release of the all new Touareg, the brand’s flagship SUV. Picking up on the communication theme “First Never Stop”, they turned to the “last frontier”: space! In a bold stroke they broke out of conventions of regular car launches and developed a fantastic, while at times whimsical and light-hearted, storytelling that would see event guests become participants in an adventure as space explorers on a mission to find and pick up the all new Touareg in the “Next-Level Galaxy”. ‘Mission Touareg’ was born. They created a unique journey for the around 4000 participants and developed striking highlights within: while they envisioned the trainings to be a preparation of participants to fly to space, the reveal show was to be exactly that: a (make-belief) exploration that took a group of space explorers to space in an immersive experience akin to a Disneyland-ride, culminating in the car’s reveal. In line with the overall storytelling, they further conceived a test-drive that would allow guests riding in the car in a distant galaxy via a custom-developed real-time VR system onboard. A true world-first experience!