Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C07. Best Experiential Marketing

The “Hennessy Declassified” exhibition was tailor-made to share Hennessy’s savoir-faire that has been pioneered by the brand for centuries. The experiential “Hennessy Declassified” exhibition has been created for immersion in the culture of cognac and to educate, inform and immerse the public. It demystifies popular cognac legends by creating a platform to experience Hennessy’s craftsmanship, the art of maturation as well as the entire Hennessy cognac-making process. It is not a usual exhibition for visiting or looking around. Connoisseurs are invited to decode Hennessy’s myths and modern lifestyles in an immersive multi-sensory exhibition with fascinating digital activities along with 9 fun-filled interactive zones and futuristic lounge bar. The first two stops in China were in Guangzhou and Xiamen, and in 2018, in order to bring the experience to Shanghai too, they refreshed the concept and developed a diversified expression of the event that would help to present Hennessy as a cool brand among a very specific profile of young demanding consumers, through the use of technology in an immersive scenography.