Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C06. Best Creative Idea

Chinajoy is Asia’s largest video game and digital entertainment fair showcasing 4,000 games from over 30 different markets at a 170,000 sq. m space in Shanghai. Ubisoft was looking to elevate their experience as an exhibitor this year. To stand out and make an impact, the gaming brand needed fresh insight on how to attract visitors and create buzz and awareness for its games and activities. To help Ubisoft achieve its goals, they saw an opportunity to combine their expertise in live performance with online to offline new retail activations. The opportunity lied in leveraging Ubisoft gamers’ passion and loyalty to its games. Hence the “Unlock the Next Level” concept. Designing areas for exclusive game previews, they built fan engagement via VR, mobile commerce, and immersive theatre experiences. To draw the crowds, their live shows had multiple live streaming via LCD screens in the booth and a live feed to the popular gaming video platform Douyu. Cosplayers were engaged to create pre-event social buzz and participation in the live shows through social media. The pop-up store was the designated exit for the Ubisoft booth where the energized fan base was encouraged to purchase items via Ubisoft’s WeChat mini app.