Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C03. Best Corporate Event

To coincide with its 175th anniversary in 2018, The Economist launched Open Future Festival, a conversation about the role of markets, freedom and technology in the 21st century. The initiative culminated in a global event, held simultaneously in Hong Kong, London and New York on September 15th, 2018. The Hong Kong event was held at Police Married Quarters (PMQ) in Central and had gathered more than 200 attendees on the day of the event.

At the Open Future Festival, The Economist’s editors and journalists came together with prominent speakers from policy, business, and academia to explore what 21st-century liberal priorities should be in a global context. The core objective was to shape the intellectual agenda and engage in a serious discussion with those of differing views: critics of The Economist as well as supporters, and most importantly to engage Asia’s young audiences. Through a competition of diverse ideas, society can reimagine the liberal mission for modern times and translate it into practical policies for government and businesses.