Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C01. Best Launch

Swire Properties partnered with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London to bring the critically-acclaimed exhibition ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ to 5 of its retail malls in Greater China, aiming to bring a cultural, relevant and enjoyable experience to its shoppers. On top of a world-class exhibition experience outside of museum walls, tailored and creative activities were designed to enrich visitor experience in each city. Celebrity Karen Mok was featured as local collector, adding relevance and context to local audiences. Integrated marketing communications and interactions were created, effectively reaching over 766 million target audience. The exhibition visitation scores top daily average in the world tour. Over 3,000 media clippings at PR value of HKD 65 million were generated. Tenant sales went up during the campaign. Feedback from media, visitors, brands and partners were overwhelmingly positive. 100% of visitors were satisfied with the event while 97% of visitors would recommend the exhibition to a friend.